22 Bourbons the Twitter Hive Loves

Mike McGrail
7 min readNov 24, 2020

I asked what I should buy and the response was huge. Maybe you’ll find one you like here?

Photo by Mathew MacQuarrie on Unsplash

I’ve never really been a bourbon drinker. Unless you count far too much Jack Daniels as a student? I love whisky, or you may call it Scotch, in-fact, I even make my living working for a distillery. Increasing my bourbon knowledge (and consumption) is something I am keen to do, but where to start?

Well, as I often do, I asked Twitter. It rarely lets me down when it comes to opinions. The bourbon reccs came from far and wide. Please note, that does not mean all opinions are great on Twitter, we all know that’s not the case.

So, what were the recommendations?

Well, here they are, 23 different bourbons. I’ve started with those that got the highest number of votes and also supplied an Amazon link for each. Please note, they are affiliate links, so if you buy, I get a little bonus. Drink responsibly please.

Woodford Reserve

Woodford Reserve received the highest number of votes with six. That bottle strikes an imposing presence. Did I buy it? Darn straight I did and I await its arrival with gusto. I got it for a mere £23 over on Amazon.

Thanks to richtwood, gerrycampbell69, mrblairbowman, dwlt, aaron_philp, worldofgoodbook for the recommendation!

Eagle Rare 10 Year Old

Look, it’s got a freakin’ Eagle on it and that driving glove is rad, so what’s not to like? Eagle Rare received three votes. When the Woodford is drained, I’ll be going the way of the Eagle. Here it is on Amazon for £30 at time of writing.

Thanks to joeyfantana, fifeambassador, mr_goodbrother for the recommendation!

WL Weller Special Reserve

Image via https://www.instagram.com/caskandspirit/

Like many of this list, WL Weller received two votes. There’s not a lot of thought in that label, but never judge a bourbon its cover. This is made at the Buffalo Trace distillery, which also features later. I can’t find it on Amazon, but there’s more info here.

Thanks to joeyfantana and distilled1958!

Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch

Image via https://www.instagram.com/whiskeyaficionado/

Wowsa. This is £104. I wish it wasn’t balancing so precariously over that swamp. I really want to drink this while overlooking a swamp. Can anyone make that happen. It’s on Amazon here.

Cheers to mr_goodbrother for this one. Send me a bottle if you like.

Evan Williams Single Barrel

Two votes for Evan. I like this one as it sounds like its named after a Country singer. I don’t really know what Country music is, but surely it goes with bourbon like Hip Hop goes with Cristal? You can snare it on Amazon.

Why thanks to alasterphillips and clintnauta for this one.

Tin Cup

Look, this has an actual tin cup on it. So cool. Tin Cup is the place in Colorado where it’s made. This image wants me to don my spurs and ride off into the sunset. Yee-haw. It’s only £25 smackers on Amazon.

Thanks to joeyfantana and worldofgoodbook for this one.

Willet Rye


It looks like a bottle of wine, but that’s fine. Rye till I die. Don’t put Willet in a skillet. Ok, enough of the rhyme crimes. This is an elusive UK buy, but there’s more info here.

Mr joeyfantana recommended this. He knows his bourbons.

Buffalo Trace

This is one I had heard of before Twitter educated me. Does it have a trace of buffalo in it? Probably not. I think I prefer the eagle one. Eagles are cool. Wait! Only £19 at time of writing on Amazon.

Thanks to wbannadio for this!

Lot 40

Lot 40 is from Canada. I love Canada. Poutine, maple syrup and mooses. Moosi? I don’t know. Please note, the tree is not included. It’s an Amazon.

It was mr_goodbrother that shared this one.

Four Roses Single Barrel

A formidable bottle. It looks like it could be a very handy weapon when empty. Or when full. It’s £45 knicker over on Amazon.

Cheers to bogstandarddram

Pikesville Rye

Image via https://www.instagram.com/leafcaskandbarrel/

Now we’re talking! If I was a rouge detective in the deep-south, I’d have this in my glovebox. You don’t mess with a Pikesville drinker. I don’t care that it’s £85 on Amazon.

Thanks to dutchaiden for this one.

Russell’s Reserve

Russell. You’ve done well here mate. Loving that label design. That Old Fashioned looks bloody excellent too. It’s made by Wild Turkey, and I can’t find it in the UK.

Cheers to shot_stone for this one.

Wild Turkey Rare Breed

This person is drinking in their pyjamas. I don’t know if I should respect or condemn this. Wild Turkey is a bourbon giant and by all accounts, this is a belter. It’ll set you back £49 on Amazon.

Mr joeyfantana again!

Knob Creek

A new bottle for Knob Creek, which represents the prohibition age. Knob Creek is a big bourbon player, but that shouldn’t put you off. I’m not sure I want to visit Knob Creek though. Find it on Amazon.

Mr joeyfantana dropped this recc!

Turkey 81


I think actual wild turkeys would freak me right out. Horrible looking creatures and back when I used to eat meat, I never thought they tasted good either. Luckily, Wild Turkey bourbon does not have any turkey in it and this 81 proof variety comes highly recommended by joeyfantana. I can only find this in the UK for £265 on Amazon.

Elijah Craig

I kind of feel like that Old Fashioned looks it’s going to be served as breakfast-in-bed. No judgement here. Apparently Elijah is the father of bourbon, so it must be good. Grab it on Amazon for £44ish.

Cheers to clintnauta!

Uncle Nearest

I’ve seen many ways of serving bourbon while curating this list, but with a badly burnt sausage is certainly unique. I actually think it may have been the 100 proof-fumes that cinched it. I love this bottle, it just says ‘drink me, I’m grand, yet understated, but very much above you’. It’ll slap you for £55 on Master of Malt.

Thanks to altblerd for this.

Wild Turkey 116.8


Enough with the turkeys already. This is not one to mess with, at 56% ABV, this’ll knock yer socks off. It’s £48.99 on Amazon. Thanks to dramofthemonth and bogstandarddram.

Gentleman Jack

Jack Daniels, my old nemesis. I drank so much of this at university that I was known as ‘Jack’ for a while. This is the gentlemanly version. A mere £23.99 on Amazon.

Jack Daniels Single Barrel


More from the Jackster. A very nice ornamental bottle. Can you tell I’m losing the will to finish this? On Amazon here.

Thanks to Michelle for recommending the two Jacks.

Maker’s Mark

Bourbon. In a bottle. Buy it here. Cheers clintnauta.

There you go. I may well update this with my thoughts as I traverse my way through them. Want to recommend one? Please add a comment. Enjoy this? Clap please!



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